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Satori Factory

FREEFALL Satori Factory

In the breath taking landscape of Voss in Norway with multiple skydiving world champion  Martin Kristensen. Cameras: Shams and Alex Aimard  aKa Satori Factory is a performer specialized in outdoor and...

164-way Vertical World Record

Skydiving Disneyland — Summerfest 2015 / Teem Originals Great footage! Skydive Chicago’s Summerfest… it’s like Disneyland for skydivers! The skydive vertical world record for the largest head down formation was broken the past...


People are flying 2015

Skydive – Wingsuit & BASE Jump! REALLY AWESOME VIDEO was uploaded by BackStageSoldier on September 2015. Enjoy it! 

aeroclub casilda

Sunset Skydive

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

Hike and Fly 2015

Trekking and Wingsuit Base.

HIKE AND FLY FULLGAZ    Trekking and Wingsuit Base by Aurélien Chatard FULLGAZ  

two canopies and wingsuit

Dance wingsuit & two canopies

Two canopies formation on a wingsuit & one Airplane… The recipe: 2 Canopies 1 Wingsuit 1 Airplane with— Jhonathan Florez, Nicholas Batsch, Chris Brook and Chris Stewart. Veko 2014 with the...

point break 2015

Point Break 2015

Point Break – Official Trailer   It’s been nearly 25 years since Kathryn Bigelow’s Point Break surfed into movie theaters in 1991, which makes it just about time for the action-heist movie...


Ride Cutaway!

 Max Bruffell‘s video ride cutaway  He says:  Not my most enjoyable reserve ride! All’s well that ends well I guess… Leia 74 wing load 2.7 Skyhook (I will still use...

Cyn Currie 

Cyn Currie aerial silks at 10,000 feet.

From the Cover of Blue Skies Magazine this month, Cyn Currie aerial silks at 10,000 feet above Southern California with Matt Blank. Photo By: Dan Dupuis