Todd Simpson Love. A lesson of courage!

Todd Simpson Love. A lesson of courage!






“Todd Love” after training in the tunnel (Check out Green Light’s page for photos) today made ​​his first jump of the AFF course

Skydive Arizona and AXIS Flight School have donated their services to help Todd earn his A-license as part of the Enduring Warrior Operation X-Wing project (




Watch the video of Todd Love, he just makes me dream and think that everything is possible, personally when things go wrong, just to see him, who has returned from the war without his two legs and without an arm. But Todd is flying in the wind tunnel and then you think about all those things that you are worried and complaints daily. You see how they lose all meaning.

Be happy, enjoy what you do, do it every day and nothing else!

And who is Todd Love?

Love was a Recon Marine in Afghanistan who, on a patrol in August of 2010, subsequently lost both his legs and his left arm. The blast was strong enough to throw him nearly 30 feet and knock him unconscious; but when he was awoken by the medic, his first words were “do I still have my penis?”
While clearly a man among men simply to survive something like that,  Todd Love’s story doesn’t come close to ending there. On August 25, Love completed The Spartan Race – a 10.5 mile, mud-filled obstacle course – with 8 of his friends, making up Team X.T.R.E.M.E. And they did it wearing gas masks.
Events like the Spartan Race are exhausting for people who are in shape. Just running 10 miles is pretty tiring – throwing 75 obstacles in the middle of it would tax every muscle in one’s body and give a few bumps, bruises, scrapes, and cuts to go along with the fatigue. Add a gas mask on top of that and it’s an entirely new level of challenge. But Love did all that without his legs and with only one arm. His belief is that he can do anything he set his mind to, and with a display such as that, it’s tough to argue with him.
What makes him even more of a badass is that this wasn’t a one-time thing for Todd Love. He isn’t going to sit back and relax now that he has completed a tough race. He plays the piano also goes skis, and sky diving.
 In a video of Todd Love telling his story, he talks about how thankful he is that his friends saved his life, and how much they mean to him. He told them how much he owed them, and they responded by telling him that they were grateful for him, and that if it hadn’t been him that got hit, it could have been anyone of them. He simply says, in response, “I’m glad that I could be that buffer for them. I’m glad it was me and not them.”

There are things, situations and especially people, in this life, that make us reflect and think that the only limit is yourself!

[emptybox]Its really hard at first, but its like nothing else. Todd Love.

If you want to see his story, follow the link below.[/emptybox]

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